One of the primary objectives of the SBMA is to influence public policy in a direction favourable to Singapore’s development as a precious metals hub and its members, and to engage in the legislators and policy makers to support or oppose particular legislation or policies relating to precious metals.

The SBMA helps to increase Singapore’s bullion activity across all the sub sectors of refining, trading, logistics, price discovery, risk management.

The SBMA is the thought and innovation leader for Asian bullion development. This includes publishing market analyses, launching new standards, products, pricing mechanisms etc.

The SBMA integrates and harmonises the ASEAN gold market, encouraging ASEAN bullion organisations to use Singapore as their hub for refining, trading, logistics, price discovery, risk management.

The SBMA offers to support services, such as industry events, networking sessions, or conducting classes and providing educational materials.

The SBMA cooperates or sponsors various competitions and various fairs hosted by related industries.

The SBMA provide guidance and training for market participants and investors.

The SBMA publishes magazines and news-letters that contain our activities, industry news, industry developments, advertising by our members, and editorial features on topical issues.

The SBMA will publish membership directory. The directory contains the profile and contact list of each SBMA member.

The SBMA sometimes produces advertisements.
Those are targeted to promote the view of an entire industry.

  • Ads to improve industry image.
  • Ads to shape opinion on a specific issue.