Precious Metals Products in Singapore

GoldSilver Central
  • GSC Live!
    GSC Live! provides investors with the ultimate combination of accessibility & convenience to purchase and sell Physical Gold, Silver and Platinum online in SGD or USD based on the current spot prices with narrow spreads.
  • GSC Savings Accumulation Program
    The GSC Savings Accumulation Program (GSAP) is a savings program suitable for everyone such as young, savvy investors seeking to accumulate their Precious Metals Holdings in physical Gold, Silver and Platinum from as low as S$5 per day.
  • Perth Mint Certificate Program
    The only government guaranteed precious metals storage program in the world for Gold, Silver and Platinum by the Western Australia Government.
ICE Futures
Silver Bullion
  • Bitcoin Payment Services
    Buy and sell gold and silver with bitcoin, we provide two-way liquidity. We are one of the few bullion dealers accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, since January 2016.
  • Nadir 15 KG Silver Bar
    Exclusively sold by Nadir Metal Rafineri for delivery in Singapore to Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. Accurately weighed at 15 kilograms, refined in Turkey. We have sold over 90 mT of Nadir silver products.
  • P2P Loan Contract
    World’s first peer-to-peer lending program backed by precious metals. Over SGD 54 million lent out since August 2015, about SGD 1.8 million per month. Lend/borrow in USD and SGD. Zero defaults and zero late payments, with third party sweeper fund to protect lender.