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Where Beach Meets Bullion

By Strategic Wealth Preservation
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are a self-governing British Overseas Territory in the Western Caribbean made up of the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Just an hour’s flight from Miami, it sits between Jamaica and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With several daily commercial international flights serviced by British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, Jet Blue and the island’s national carrier, Cayman Airways, it is a popular destination for visitors from around the world for both pleasure and business.

Coupled with first-class infrastructure, a stable economic and political environment, and tax neutral benefits with no wealth reporting requirements, Grand Cayman is an attractive option for investors as a location to buy and store their precious metals. This is why Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) has made it our home.

Long respected as one of the top financial centers of the world, SWP was inspired to offer a superior service to the ever-growing precious metals market that could benefit from the same favourable conditions as Cayman’s other traditional financial markets. The Cayman Islands are one of only a handful of countries that has no direct taxation of any kind. There is no import, export or any other tax on the purchase, sale, or storage of precious metals.

Long respected as one of the top financial centers of the world, SWP was inspired to offer a superior service to the ever-growing precious metals market that could benefit from the same favourable conditions as Cayman’s other traditional financial markets.

SWP is classified as an Active Non-Financial Foreign Entity. As such, SWP has no wealth reporting requirements to any local or foreign tax authority or government. This is particularly important to people trying to retain their privacy, which can be challenging these days.

We opened our doors in 2014 and have fast become one of the top offshore storage locations in the world. We are a fully integrated precious metals dealer and secure storage facility offering our clients segregated storage of their gold and silver. This means there is no consolidation of your product. If you purchase or send us a particular gold coin or bar, that is exactly what gets put in your box, and that is exactly what you can take out again. In fact, you can visit your holdings at any time with just a 24-hour notice, to ensure privacy and personal service.

SWP’s secure storage facility, Grand Cayman

Shipping in and out of the Cayman Islands is also an easy proposition. We provide global logistics services to move cargo of any value to and from many locations worldwide. Whether your valuables are currently located in your home, at a bank or another secure storage facility, our dedicated logistics team can help you move your precious metals or other valuable assets with minimal fuss.

Shipping in and out of the Cayman Islands is also an easy proposition. We provide global logistics services to move cargo of any value to and from many locations worldwide.

We don’t believe you have to be the biggest to be the best. What we do believe is that we must offer the best service, the most secure storage, and the most flexibility for each and every one of our clients. We are inspired by our industry colleagues around the world, and are also rooted in our fundamental beliefs of resilience, integrity, responsible sourcing, sustainability and our ESG goals.

When we opened SWP, we did so as investors ourselves. We knew we could improve on the storage and acquisition experience, but we also didn’t want to become complacent. With numerous challenges and uncertainties facing the world today, we want to ensure that our clients feel like they have a long-term partner to navigate their precious metals investment and wealth preservation goals.

We have found ourselves motivated by the best practice initiatives of industry organisations like the SBMA and LBMA to not only develop our ethical and sustainability strategies but also be a thoughtful educator and influencer in the precious metals arena. Our popular video series “Inside the Vault” has been a valuable source of information for millions of viewers, some with no previous precious metals investment experience. We want to dispel the myth and mystery of wealth preservation and make it accessible to anyone wanting to create a robust investment portfolio for the long run.

With global challenges come creativity. The next generation of economic players and investors are standing by, catapulting innovation bombs on a new world stage fraught with instability and turmoil. We have made it our business to engage and pay attention to this innovation, making intentional choices about how to best service our clients, not only now, but also into the future.

Although no one could have predicted the particular combination of catastrophes that have befallen the world of late, it would be a reasonable assumption that these cyclical outcomes were probably just around the corner. Whether turbulent or steady, we are driven by the responsibility to educate our clients on how to protect their wealth and economic choices. One of the main components for this is flexibility.

Segregated storage bins, Cayman Islands vault

With this in mind, we offer 10 other storage options around the world located in Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore and New Zealand under our “One Account, One World” program. Tax optimisation, travel restrictions, and global instability and conflict, remain relevant concerns for many of our clients, and therefore we offer the option to buy, store, and sell to any one of our 11 locations allowing for greater geo-diversification of their holdings.

Silver Marlin coins, the national bullion coin of the Cayman Islands

In keeping with our flexibility model, our clients can liquidate all or any part of their holdings within 24 hours. And if you don’t want to be paid in cash, SWP clients can now choose to be paid in or pay for their gold and silver orders with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. Cold storage is also available for crypto wallets and keys at our vault locations.


Another important offering is from our sister company SWP Capital, which offers our clients short-term lending options against their precious metals holdings. Clients can borrow up to 75% of their holdings with a minimum loan amount of US$100,000. Interestingly, many use this opportunity to purchase more precious metals. Another option with SWP Capital is investing in Precious Metals Backed Securitised Notes (PMBSN), earning a fixed annual return significantly higher than bank deposit rates. The point is to offer our clients as much liquidity and flexibility as possible, even with your cash.

That kind of freedom coupled with the wealth insurance that precious metals provide, is a winning combination for longterm security, but it isn’t everything. We know knowledge is power, along with data, expert opinion, and analysis, and we believe that should be shared and utilised to our clients’ benefit. For that reason, we have created several outlets of communication including our quarterly newsletter, social media outlets, our popular You Tube channel, and real-time communication directly with clients.

In the pipeline is also our new Golden Turtle Supper Club, a private members group to discuss thoughts and opinions relating to investments, the geopolitical climate, market activity and general socioeconomic matters. This safe space is the perfect outlet for knowledge sharing with likeminded individuals who wish to stay more actively involved in the investment markets as it relates to precious metals and other alternative assets.

It’s who we are as people, and it is who we are as a company. We are intentional and progressive, but we are also rooted in stability. Our recent membership into the SBMA is a great honour for us. Not just because of the prestige associated with such a relevant and longstanding institution, but because of our aligned objectives for excellence in our industry. Our global community has shown great resilience and innovation of late, and we look forward to playing our small part in its advancement and integrity for many years to come.

We’d love to speak with you, whether you be a private investor, wealth advisor or a fellow member of the precious metals industry.

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