Eligibility Criteria

  • CAT 1 Membership is open to banks and other financial institutions, whether local or foreign, including any organisation whose trading location is not based in Singapore.
  • Local Associate Corporate Membership is open to any Qualifying Entity that has conducted business or traded gold in Singapore for at least three years, or whose parent company has conducted business or trading in Singapore for at least three years.
  • Foreign Associate Corporate Membership is open to Qualifying Entities that do not qualify for Local Associate Corporate Membership.
  • Affiliate Membership is open to any party in Singapore or abroad which are not Qualifying Entities but have incidental businesses to our other Members. Potential applicants must be introduced to the association by a Member or the Secretariat.

To preserve the reputation and high standing of the association, any company that wishes to join the association as a Corporate Member must be supported by three SBMA members.

Local Associate Members, where applicable, are required to submit an annual business survey to Enterprise Singapore. The survey aims to capture basic information on business turnover, local business spending and employment.

The Associate may, either directly or through third parties, conduct due diligence checks for Affiliate Members upon receipt of the completed application form. The costs for the aforesaid due diligence checks shall be borne solely by the Applicant.