SBMA coordinate and organise conferences, seminars, networking events and outgoing business missions to other ASEAN countries and beyond for our members, associates and investors, where they can connect and share best practices and industry know-hows.

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24 February 2022

SBMA Webinar Series – 2022 Asia Pacific Precious Metals Update

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28 January 2021

World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends – 2020 in Review and the Outlook for 2021

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15 February 2019

Briefing / Presentation for SBMA Member on Anti-Money Laundering / Countering-Terrorist Financing (AML-CFT) for the PSMD Sector

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25 April 2018

SBMA Seminar – Launch of Metals Focus Annual Gold Focus 2018 Report

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26 September 2017

SBMA Seminar – The Role of Gold as an Asset Class for the Private Wealth Industry

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27 March 2017

SBMA Seminar – Bullion Market Outlook 2017

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