There are many good reasons for industry players to start their Gold business here in Singapore:

  • No GST on Investment Precious Metals (IPM)
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  • Approved Refiners and Approved Consolidators enjoy certain benefits including GST suspension on qualifying imports and additional input tax benefits. (ARCS)
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  • World-class physical infrastructure

    • Refineries
    • Vaulting
    • Secured Logistics
    • Bullion banks (market makers)
    • Liquidity Providers

  • Strong Governmental Support

  • World-class financial infrastructure: Singapore is the only AAA-rated country in ASEAN

  • Well-regulated banking system

  • Wealth management hub

  • Open market

  • Transparency

  • Politically stable with strong rule of law

  • Benefit of English as a common language

  • Good access to ASEAN markets, India and China

  • Fill the time and liquidity gap between the United States and London

  • SBMA can help to open the door to Gold market in Singapore