Precious Metals Products in Singapore

Silver Bullion
  • Fully owned vault, The Safe House
    We built our own state-of-the-art vault – The Safe House – to offer the best wealth protection servicein order to keep your bullion safe from bad governments and collapsing financial systems. Capacityto store 600 tons of silver and 30 tons of gold and platinum.
  • Nadir 15 KG Silver Bar
    Sold by Nadir Metal Rafineri for delivery inSingapore to Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. Accurately weighed at 15 kilograms, refined in Turkey. We havesold a few hundred metric tons of Nadir silver products.
  • P2P LoanContract
    World’s first peer-to-peer lending program backed by precious metals. Over SGD120 million lent out since August 2015, about SGD 1.8 million per month. Lend or borrow in USD andSGD. Zero defaults and zero late payments, with third party sweeper fund to protect lender.
Phillip Futures
  • Spot Gold
    Phillip Futures allows investors to trade gold in the ‘LocoLondon’ market at spot prices. Investors are able to buy or sell gold through financial leverage with alow marginal outlay.
  • Gold Direct Investment (GDI)
    Phillip Futures offers clients the opportunityto invest in the value ofgold over time without the risk of being over-leveraged. GDI offers unparalleled cost-savings for goldinvestment products without carrying cost and trading commission.
  • Gold Futures
    Phillip Futures partners with global exchanges to grant clientsaccess to gold futures trading. Trading in the financial derivative enables investor to create atime-horizon based investment strategy with the benefits of financial leverage.
MKS Precious Metals (Singapore)Pte Ltd
  • PAMP Minted Bars
    PAMPoffers anextraordinary range of shapes and designs from which to choose, as well as elegant options forpendant-wear. Foremost is PAMP’s world-famous’Lady Fortuna,’ the first artistic design ever to decorate precious metals bars.
  • Collectibles
    PAMP has acomprehensive range of innovative and keepsake designs on the collectibles, legal tender coins and medalseries.
  • Veriscan
    PAMP offers advanced scanningtechnology which instantly authenticates any PAMP precious metals product bearing the VERISCAN™logo. VERISCAN is availableas an innovative and convenient iPhone app or as a PC software system for use with a conventionaldocument scanner* and the PAMP bullion-positioning frame.
GoldSilver Central
  • GSC Live!
    GSC Live!provides investors with the ultimate combination of accessibility & convenience to purchase and sellPhysical Gold, Silver and Platinumonline in SGD or USD based on the current spot prices with narrow spreads.
  • GSC Savings Accumulation Program
    The GSC Savings Accumulation Program (GSAP)is a savings program suitable foreveryone such as young, savvy investors seeking to accumulate their Precious Metals Holdings in physicalGold, Silver and Platinum from as low as S$5 per day.
  • PerthMint Certificate Program
    The only government guaranteed precious metals storage program inthe world for Gold, Silver andPlatinum by the Western Australia Government.